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How Your Restaurant Waste Oil Collection can Help Other Industries

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Your restaurant has likely used waste oil collection in some way or another. You may consider how the waste oil is collected, when collection happens, and if you want to continue the same routine schedule for collection. What you may not consider is what happens to the waste oil after collection happens. Here are some ways that your restaurant waste oil can offer a new life through helping other industries.


Regardless of where your waste oil ends up, the first step in the recycling process is filtration. The restaurant waste oil is collected and taken to a collection location. Oils are then put into large containers and filtered. The filtration may include heating steps to help purify the oil to make it reusable. The filtration is designed to remove debris and any impurities. The result is an oil that can be used in a variety of industrial and household uses. 


One of the ways your restaurant waste oil may be able to help other industries is through the use of biodiesel. Biodiesel is a fuel alternative that you can see being used in alternative fuel cars and property equipment such as tractors. The fuel ends up offering a clean-burning option to other oils on the market. The entire industry of biodiesel is seeing increasing attention due to the reduction in emissions that it offers. This goes hand in hand with the goal many companies now have of going green and reducing emissions due to global warming. 

Lubrication Oils

Lubrication oils are vital to the industrial industry. Many machines need lubrication in order to work properly. The lubrication can be used in engines, motors, and in working gears. Without this oil, the machine may seize up and cause the motor to overheat. In worst-case scenarios this can lead to a fire. Lubrication oils of all kinds can be developed from the filtered and refined oil. This allows the oil to have a second life from restaurant to industry. 

These are just a few ways your oil can help other industries. A few waste oil collection services work with specific companies or with the idea of where recycled oil will go. If you want your oil to be recycled into specific items or a specific type of oil, contact your waste oil collection company. They can discuss options and inform you how their company recycles oil and for what purposes.