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How to Choose Between Tapered and Straight Flag Poles

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As you start to look at flag poles, you might not be sure whether to buy straight or tapered products. To make this decision easier, ask yourself the following questions. 

What Is Your Budget?

If budget is an issue, then you need to find a pole that fits into your budget. Typically, straight flag poles cost less than tapered ones.

Straight flag poles are simpler to manufacture. It takes less work to make them as the size of the pole is constant from the top to the bottom. Tapered poles need to go through more processes to change their size through the stretch of the pole to make them slimmer at the top. So, they tend to cost more money.

If you can't find the size of poles you need to fit your budget in a tapered design, then look at straight products. Their lower cost might be a better match.

Which Design Do You Prefer?

If budget isn't a pressing concern, then you might choose flag poles based on your stylistic preferences. You can simply buy poles based on how they look. This decision is down to personal opinion.

For example, some people like the uniform and sturdy look of a straight pole. They like their flag poles to have the same diameter from the bottom to the top.

However, other people like a tapered effect. They think that flag poles look sleeker or less obtrusive if they have a smaller top than bottom.

If you aren't sure which style you prefer, check to see if local homeowners or businesses use flag poles. You'll get a clearer idea of how a pole looks if you can see some working examples.

How Tall Will Your Flag Pole Be?

The height of your flag poles can affect whether you choose a straight or tapered style. While both styles come in various heights, some people like to use tapered designs when they install very tall or oversized poles.

Taller flag poles can make some noise when it is windy. They are more likely to have resonant vibration problems. Here, the higher parts of the poles vibrate more uniformly in higher winds. These vibrations can make them noisier than you might like.

Here, tapered poles tend to be quieter. Their different diameters reduce the effects of wind vibration.

For more advice on how to choose the right flag poles for your needs, contact pole suppliers or manufacturers.