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Restaurant Kitchen Fit-Out — Are You Making The Right Choices?

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One thing that should be clear when starting a restaurant is the kitchen planning and layout. The kitchen plays a significant role in determining the efficiency of your restaurant. The kitchen layout affects various elements, such as staff efficiency and cleanliness. Understanding the basics of kitchen design, even if you hire experts, is important. That means you should also know some common errors people make when planning a restaurant kitchen fit-out.

Choosing the Wrong Appliances

It can be exciting to choose the latest cooking technology for your kitchen. But consider who will be using these tools. It would be useless to get the latest technology if your workers do not know how to operate them. You should also choose the ideal refrigeration for the amount and type of food you plan to store. Selecting the right devices is as important as proper installation. It is helpful to work with professionals to avoid mistakes that will cost you in the future. 

Failing To Prioritise Workflow and Safety

You want an attractive kitchen if you will be working in it all day. However, avoid sacrificing workflow efficiency and safety for a beautiful kitchen. For instance, the kitchen should have proper landing spaces around the devices. Also, you should not locate the fryer at the end of an appliance run. 

Consider the type and volume of food you will be cooking. The number of people working in the restaurant kitchen also affects the kitchen design. Consulting with kitchen design experts will help you follow the right standards. 

Installing A Few Wash Stations

The cooking and preparation areas are the fun part of your kitchen design. The cleanup stations, however, are not fun to plan out. But be cautious when thinking about your needs. Otherwise, you will not have enough space for piling your dirty dishes. The worst part is when there is no space for clean dishes. 

The ideal location for the wash stations is near the kitchen entrance. That will make it easy to drop them off. You can also have then near the service area to prevent double handling. Take into account the number of dishware you will use on your busiest day when planning for the racks, landing tables, and drainboards. 


It may seem hard to keep track of the restaurant kitchen fit-outs. But remember that your kitchen is about your staff and the guests. So you should be careful with the kitchen design and fit-out. Ask for help from the experts to ensure you get the perfect kitchen fit-out.

To learn more, contact a company that offers restaurant kitchen fit-out services.