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3 Reasons to Use Polypropylene Food Packaging

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If you need to use plastic packaging on your food products, then you must choose the right approved food-grade plastic. However, you might have some choice of materials here.

If you have a few options, then make sure to look at polypropylene. This plastic has a range of useful features. What are they?

1. Impressive Temperature Performance

Polypropylene plastics can cope with a range of temperatures. They work well in fridges, freezers, ovens and microwaves.

So, if you produce chilled or frozen foods or oven-ready and microwaveable dishes, then this plastic will work well for you. Polypropylene packaging copes with all these temperature extremes. It makes life easier for your customers.

They can heat up food without having to decant it into their own dishes. They can freeze products and then defrost them or heat them up directly from the freezer, without causing any damage to the packaging.

2. Lightweight Strength

Polypropylene food packaging is lightweight. It won't add a lot of weight to your product lines. However, it is also a strong material.

Strength is important in the food packaging sector. If your packaging is too fragile, then you might lose customers.

Customers don't want to buy products only to find that the plastic breaks or gets squashed in their shopping bags. They don't want food to spill all over the floor if they accidentally drop a container.

Polypropylene packaging holds together well. It has good impact strength.

So, it shouldn't break or tear. It should be able to withstand accidental impacts and falls.

You, and your customers, can have confidence that the packaging will do its job. You won't lose customers who stop buying your products because they think that your packaging isn't high-quality.

3. Effective Costs

While you want to meet food-grade packaging standards, you also don't want to spend too much on your packaging. If you can keep these costs low, then you can make your products more competitive.

Polypropylene is a cost-effective material. It has a low density and can be manufactured to thin levels without affecting its performance.

This means that you can effectively get more packaging out of an order of base materials. It takes less polypropylene to make more products. So, you keep your costs low.

To learn more about the benefits of using polypropylene plastics, contact a local plastic packaging manufacturer. They can help you choose the right solution for your packaging needs.