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Why You Should Choose Wooden Pallets Over Other Types

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Pallets are mainly used in shipping goods. Some people use them as measurement units whereby they hold grouped numbers of products. They come in different forms, including plastic, metal and wood. However, it has proven impossible to evade the use of wooden pallets in the shipping industry. Below are some reasons why buyers, shippers and sellers find wooden pallets superior to other options.

They Offer Superior Durability

Even if wooden pallets are relatively cheap, their strength, durability and quality are not compromised. Actually, they have enough strength to support bulky and heavy loads easily. That is why you should opt to use wooden pallets when dealing with huge consignments.

They Are Readily Available

Wooden pallets are readily available in most places. Thus, they enable continuity of shipping operations since you don't have to wait long for the production of plastic or metal pallets.

They Are More Affordable

In comparison to other varieties, wooden pallets are significantly inexpensive. That's because the price of timber, which is the raw material for making wooden pallets, can't compare to that of metal, hence the variance in prices. 

They Can Be Recycled

Shippers searching for low-budget pallets prefer wooden pallets because they can use them severally without a need for replacement. Moreover, wooden pallets are recyclable without much processing. They do not require moulding, melting or the use of chemicals like metal and plastic. You can also recycle wooden pallets into other items such as chairs, tables, flower beds and fences. 

They Are Easy to Repair

Compared to plastic and metal pallets, wooden pallets are the easiest to handle during repairs. You only need nails and a hammer to do the repairs. These minor repairs may not require the professional services of a carpenter. As such, you'll end up saving on repair costs.

They Are Light and Sizeable

Wooden pallets are light in weight, meaning that workers can easily carry them without the help of machinery. It also means that they add little weight to the products stacked on them, making the offloading task simpler. In terms of weight restrictions, wooden pallets are the best choice.

Again, these pallets take up very little space. For example, in a warehouse, you can stack many wooden pallets, thus save on floor space.

If you are looking to venture into the shipping industry, consider using wooden pallets. You will not incur high repair costs, and you will not be worried about weight restrictions while transporting goods. Once they are no longer fit to carry heavy loads, you can convert them to other things.